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Solar Racking Components & Accessories

Parts and accessories for safe and efficient installation of solar panel racking systems

ISA Rails

The Solar Mounting Components are designed to anchor and mount to the four ISA Rails:

Waffle Clip

The CW Waffle Clip Kit provides a mid-clip solution to minimize concentrated loads on the module frames. It can be supplied with grounding WEBs to meet UL2703 requirements.

The Waffle Clip has been developed to lightly tighten the clamp on one module to hold it using the ‘open’ side, and retrieve the next module – without the first module slipping.


The C-Clip Kit provides a secure end clip solution that flexes to assure good grip without marring the modules.  Its flexibility allows for slight variations in module height for more secure fastening.

Strut to Strut Cleat

Anchors module rails to main support rails with Cleat, AN31 Angle Nut, and Lobed Flathead Screw.

One on each side of main rail assures no beam slippage after tightening.

UL 2703 Grounding

SA’s grounding kit provides module rail grounding to satisfy UL 2703 requirements. A combination of the lisco 1/0 grounding lug and ISA’s piercing screw and AN31 Angle Nut provides a simple in -slot mounting/grounding

AN31 Angle Nut

ISA’s patented 1/6 turn Angle Nut is provides secure fastening on all strut systems.  It drops in anywhere without the need to move modules.  When combined with the the C-Clip and Waffle Clip it provides a mar-free module connection.

SureGrip Post Clamp

Clamps Racking to Service Station Canopies and Roof Beams


Roof Mounted Post

ISA’s Roof Mounted Post is one of the strongest posts available for anchoring large arrays to the roof.  A single post can support up to 9 modules.  Its large base allows the load to be well distributed in concrete roof structures.  It can be used with all of the ISA Systems – including the WSS, PSS, and FSS Systems. 

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