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ISA’s Patented Solar Mounting Systems, Mounts and Parts Provide a Better Solar Panel Installation

Finally – A simple way to attach to roof beams from the roof side.


ISA’s patented and patent-pending technologies have been employed to provide its customers the benefit of these unique solutions.

Tiltable Array

The only commercially available roof mounted array that has a built-in tilt capability that allows the array to be tilted up so you can reroof under it. No panel removal is necessary. Its balanced support structure allows easy tilting within seconds for a 24-module array.

Central Support System

The Central Support System (CSS) requires only one major support instead of two – on the same beam structure with no increase in beam stress. Additionally the central support allows the bottom members of the truss can be lighter since their main stress is tension rather than compression.
The CSS technology also takes into consideration the bending and twisting due to wind for a single support mount and minimizes potential roof beam stress by offset positioning of the solar array with respect to the central support to substantially reduce associated stresses in the roof beams.

Beam Clamp

The beam clamp was developed so that it could be deployed from above the roof without the need to go inside the building. Opening of the clamp is accomplished through its unique pivoting action. And its unique scissor clamping linkage provides a locking action that will not allow the clamp jaws to slip away from the beam once it is clamped in place. The CSS beam clamp that connects directly to major roof beams is able to withstand much higher loads than is possible with conventional beam clamps. This is accomplished by the blocking design of the beam clamp, which integrates the clamp structure with the beam to essentially react to loads as one structure.

Angle Nut

ISA’s angle nut (AN) with its1/6 Turn-and-Tighten locking solution) in concert with the ANS strut cannot be rotated out of position once locked. This is accomplished with its specially tapered surface that is pulled into the T-slot Channel of the strut once a bolt is tightened to the nut. The nut can only be rotated if the bolt is loosened more than one revolution. This ensures secure connections throughout the array.

Module Clamping System

The C-Clips and Waffle Clips have been developed to assure positive module clamping and single installer installation on a tilted array. Both Clips have been designed so that asymmetrical loading is applied to better hold the modules in place. The C-Clips have been designed so that they will ‘lean in’ against the module, to ensure a positive connection that cannot easily slip away in comparison with standard L shaped clamps.

The Waffle Clips have been developed with asymmetrical loading as well. This allows the installer to insert one edge of the module under one side of the clamp so that it can be initially clamped in place while the opposite side of the Clip remains open for the adjacent module insertion. Once clamped, it will stay in position, even on a tilted surface, so that the installer is free to bring over the adjacent module and insert it under the opposite side of the clip, which still has clearance.

Tiltable Ground Mount

ISA’s Tiltable Ground Mount with the Crossbar Support System (XSS) has the unique combination of a stable two point support beam that can be easily tilted – typically with a single finger. ISA’s patent pending tilting method accomplishes this by crossing its beams and positioning them so that the center of gravity of the array remains at the same elevation making tilting an effortless process for customers that desire seasonal adjustment to maximize solar output.

xxA major benefit for the installer is that the XSS virtually eliminates bending or side loads on the posts so these posts can be quite small – typically 2-1/2 inch pipe or less. Only a relatively shallow helical or concrete pier is all that is necessary for anchoring – eliminating the need for major post installation equipment.

Elevated Roof Mount

Many rooftops are populated with equipment that may make conventional roof mounting very difficult or impossible. Yet most attempts to use a high, trellis style structure do not work well because of the excessive bending loads on the roof structure due to wind. ISA’s WSS Elevated Mount Roof System eliminates this problem by directing the horizontal wind load down to the base. With this ‘Balanced W’ configuration no base framework is needed to resist bending. This allows reroofing without having to remove the solar array or structure.

Because of this low bending load style trellis system the WSS has been able to be used on just about any flat roof including those supported by open web joists. And typically only one post per 6 modules is required for most applications – minimizing penetrations.

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