Solar Thermal Systems & Other Apricus Products

ISA provides Apricus solar thermal collectors – one of the most reliable brands on the market. In addition to Apricus collectors, ISA provides a full line of solar thermal products, kits, and complete system packages.

  • Apricus Solar Water Heating SRCC Approved Systems

    These approved systems allow customers to receive State Rebates.

    As part of ISA’s comprehensive service to the renewable energy dealers and installers throughout the West, we distribute and provide all of products necessary for solar water heating system installation. This includes solar water heating collectors and related components, subsystems and systems.

    ISA furnishes complete Apricus Solar Water Heating System kits that are approved by Solar Ratings and Certification Council (SRCC). These fully certified systems insure that you get the performance, quality and reliability you need for an effective installation.

    These accredited systems also allow the homeowner and business owner to receive additional rebates in designated areas of the State of California and also in other states.

  • Apricus Evacuated Tube Collectors

    ISA stocks Apricus Collectors including the following:
    AP-10 – Ten tube Collector
    AP-20 – 20 Tube Collector
    AP-30 – 30 Tube Collector
    AP-30C – 30 Tube Commercial Collector – now built in the USA.

    This high quality solar water heating collector is one of the most widely used of its type worldwide. Its excellent performance record and reliability have made it a standard in the industry.

    It has ability to effectively produce very hot water it is in demand for many industrial applications as well as being used for residential and commercial projects.

  • Apricus Collector Mounting Systems

    To mount collectors at the appropriate angle.

    ISA carries all of the mounting equipment necessary to insure stable, reliable installation of Apricus collectors on the roof or for ground mounting.

    We also carry a full inventory of tilt mounts that provide a range of tilt from 13 degrees to 55 degrees beyond the roof angle. All of these mounting systems use stainless steel to give you the potential for the longest life products in the industry.

  • Pump Stations

    To circulate water and heat transfer fluids.

    We also provide complete pump stations that allow hook-up of the collectors and tanks to these pump stations with a few simple connections.

    These pump stations are designed to be fully integrated with your Apricus collectors and tanks. We provide open, closed, and drainback based pump stations to give you the variety needed for any installation application.

  • Controllers

    To control the processes.

    Apricus controllers can also be purchased separately for spares or as upgrades for your existing systems. We offer both the Sentinel Pro line and the Sentinel S series with remote capacity.

  • Data Loggers

    To record the energy accumulated and other processing information.

    We also provide Apricus Data Loggers so that you can perform metering for rebate programs and also provide a diagnostics tool that can be monitored offsite.

  • Heat Dissipaters

    To dissipate excess heat when not needed.

    Apricus heat dissipators offer an effective way to remove heat from the system if necessary to prevent overheating. These are provided with temperature controlled diverting valves to that they will minimize the possibility of any accidental overheating.

  • High Temperature Heat Transfer Fluids

    To transfer heat.

    ISA carries special high temperature fluid which is rated for use with collectors up to and including stagnation temperatures. This insures a long life without the possibility for fluid breakdown.

    SOLAR HI-TEMP Heat Transfer Fluid and Anti-Freeze Solution provides optimal heat transfer, freeze and corrosion protection for water based systems without the risk of environmental contamination.

  • Tiltable Solar Panels Provide a Wide Range of Flexibility & Customization for Solar Panel Installers

    Featuring ISA’s Crossbar Support System (XSS)

    Major Benefits for Installers:

    • Only Small, Low Cost Anchors Needed – Bending Loads are Virtually Eliminated
    • Allows 3 Modules in Portrait or 5 in Landscape

    Major Customer Benefits:

    • Fully adjustable from 0 to 40 degrees
    • The first tiltable ground mount system that tilts effortlessly – 18 module array tilts with just one finger
  • Other Collector Products

    Including valves, gauges, insulation, and the remaining solar thermal components.

    ISA is pleased to offer collector products for those that require it to meet architectural requirements or price constraints where energy production is not as critical. These collectors will be available for release soon and price information will be included in our dealer pricing schedules.

Did You Know?

  • When you call for technical information you will have direct access to our design engineering team
  • Our technical support staff is available for site visits
  • Estimates are available within 24 hours
  • We can provide engineering/structural information for your proposals
  • We provide a 3D drawing for better visualization of the system with every proposal
Our Solar Mounting Systems & Solar Roof Racks are Made in the USA