Solar Mounting System Components

Replacement and Custom-Designed Parts & Strut and Mounting Components for Solar Panel Mounting and Roof Racking Systems

AN Strut

AN Strut (ANS Series) - A simplified approach for solar mounting

ISA’s ANS Strut products have been designed to reduce assembly time – both for strut-to-strut connections and for panel mounting connections. The ANS 9×3 (9” High x 3” Wide), ANS 4×3 (4” High x 3” Wide) and the ANS 3X2 (3” High x 2” Wide) are the available sizes.

ANS Strut Main Functions:
  • All sizes are 6061-T6 or 6005-T6 structural aluminum
  • ANS 9×3 is used for long span and flush mount applications
  • ANS 4×3 is used as the main support beam in the CSS and WSS systems.
  • ANS 3×2 is used for module mounting and also as a bracing member
  • T-Slots in all rails to retain an Series Nuts and for T-slot rail holders

Strut to Strut Retainers

Strut to Strut Retainers – RT1 Retainer allows simple connection of ANS Strut sections
Key Features:
  • Retainer rotates into position anywhere along the ANS Strut slot
  • Retainer clamps beams together with our standard AN series angle nut and bolt
  • Self-cinching retainer draws rails together upon tightening to prevent slippage

Angle Nut

AN Series Angle Nuts – Quick to install and secure for the long term
Key Features:
  • High Strength aluminum alloy
  • AN nuts clamp ANS strut sections together
  • AN nuts clamp modules in place
  • Easy to insert anywhere along the ANS Strut
  • Requires only 1/6 turn to engage into secure position
  • Holds panels securely and cannot rotate out of position when tightened

Module Clamps

Our C-Clamp and W-Clamp series have both been used widely for over a dozen years for mounted racking systems.
Works with the AN Angle Nut for 1/6 turn locking into position on rail
End Module C-Clamp
Key Features:
  • The patented C-Clamp naturally tilts toward the panel when tightening for a secure grip
  • Wide width protects module from point stress
  • Rounded end provides a solid safety bumper and can be used for wire management
Inter-Panel W-Clamp
Key Features:

  • The patented offset profile allows lightly clamping the first panel to hold in place – while sliding the second panel in place under same clip
  • Wide width protects module from point stress
  • Inserts anywhere along rail.

Module Grounding with C-Clamp and W-Clamp

Module grounding is simple with WEEB-WMC Preassemblies ready for module mounting
Key Features:
  • WEEB can be preassembled with the clamp and insert in the rail
  • Works with all ISA Rail Systems.

Did You Know?

  • When you call for technical information you will have direct access to our design engineering team
  • Our technical support staff is available for site visits
  • Estimates are available within 24 hours
  • We can provide engineering/structural information for your proposals
  • We provide a 3D drawing for better visualization of the system with every proposal
Our Solar Mounting Systems & Solar Roof Racks are Made in the USA