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In today's energy-conscious world, ISA's mission is to provide efficient solar mounting solutions that simplify commercial installations.

ISA's CSS-20

Solar Panel Mounting - Elevated Racks and Frames

Since 1997, ISA Corporation has strived to create Innovative Solution Applications. This is no different with the solar mounting racks and frames that we offer. ISA Corporation has years of experience constructing and installing solar panel frames and elevated mounting racks.

Each client has unique requirements, and ISA Corporation will work individually with each one to create sustainable and cost-effective mounting elevated racks and frames.

Have the professionals at ISA Corporation ensure that your business has the highest quality solar panel mounting racks and frames. We can give you a free consultation and estimate to ensure the best price for installation.

CSS-20 Operating Position
CSS-20 Service Position

CSS-20 Technical Specifications:

  • Penetrations per module (Average): One penetration per five modules
  • Roof Structures: Commercial Flat Roof: - Steel, Concrete, or Wood Beam Supported
  • Materials: All Aluminum with Stainless Steel Connection Hardware
  • Modules: All brands
  • Warranty: 15 Years
  • Tilt Angle: 5 to 25 degrees
  • Array Capacity: 3-4 Modules in portrait, 6 modules in landscape