ISA Corporation


In today's energy-conscious world, ISA's mission is to provide efficient solar mounting solutions that simplify commercial installations.

ISA's CSS-20

Solar Mounting Products

ISA’s solar mounting and tracking products and services offer economic solutions for roof and ground based solar systems. Our products provide distinct advantages over currently available products.

  • Elevated Roof Mounting System Our Central Support System (CSS) roof mounts have few penetrations and eliminate ballasting – making it quick to install and the first system with easy access for reroofing.
  • Roof Beam Anchor Our patent-pending SureGrip beam clamping products provide simple connection to major roof beams without bolts and require no access inside the building – for rapid installation.
  • Module Mounting Products ISA’s Angle Nut Strut (ANS) module mounting system provides one of the fastest and most reliable mounting solutions – with its 1/6 Turn-and-Tighten securing process for virtually all sizes of modules.
  • Technology ISA’s patented and patent-pending technologies have been employed to provide customers the benefit of unique solutions.
CSS-20 Roof Mount

ISA has also developed patented products for clients to meet their unique requirements –including products for the following types of systems:

  • Roof Mount
  • Tracking
  • Adjustable Tilt
  • Floating
  • DSA Approved

We can help you develop the specialized hardware or systems to meet your particular needs.