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In today's energy-conscious world, ISA's mission is to provide efficient solar mounting solutions that simplify commercial installations.

ISA's CSS-20

Roof Mounting Systems

Our standard 20-foot long Central Support System (CSS-20) beam eliminates many of the biggest installation problems

Biggest Problems Solved

  • Problem: Reroofing - requires taking down the solar system
    Solution: CSS-20 tilts the array horizontally for reroofing or servicing.
  • Problem: Too Many Roof Penetrations
    Solution: CSS-20 has up to 90% fewer penetrations
  • Problem: Roof rafters cannot take high loads
    Solution: CSS-20 can provide special mounts that connect directly to the main building beams.
CSS-20 Operating Position
CSS-20 Service Position

CSS-20 Technical Specifications:

  • Penetrations per module (Average): One penetration per five modules
  • Roof Structures: Commercial Flat Roof: - Steel, Concrete, or Wood Beam Supported
  • Materials: All Aluminum with Stainless Steel Connection Hardware
  • Modules: All brands
  • Warranty: 15 Years
  • Tilt Angle: 5 to 25 degrees
  • Array Capacity: 3-4 Modules in portrait, 6 modules in landscape